Rigidity plays its role in rallying in our wild sides. But, when left رونیکس, those rascals undermine our potentials. It’s one thing to let loose when the time calls for it; it’s another thing to let loose every minute of every hour.

Generally, it works like this. We start off as disorganized, untamed individuals. Over time we begin to realize the importance of becoming organized, having a planning and sticking to it – growing up. We may even go through a period in which we stick to our plan so much that we do ourselves harm. Our inflexibility works against us, and we miss out on opportunities.

Our plans must make room for flexibility.

Our happiness relies on our being flexible like a garden hose. Otherwise, we create rules without an end date/time and, thus, continue to follow rules way past their undeclared due date. There comes a point when the tools of life no longer serve us. Are we willing and flexible enough to let go without feeling shameful?

We are not a failure for letting something go when its time has come. There is a lifespan for everything, including our plans, schedules, rules and goals. These tools might have worked to instill in us a new habit or skill. But once that skill or habit is ingrained, is it really necessary to be so adamant as to continue when it’s no longer necessary? Once we are trained, we are allowed to take the training wheels off and free flow from there – until new tools arrive.

We only need training wheels for so long, until we just don’t need them anymore. We are no less of a person by removing the training wheels. In fact we are often seen as having grown up!

Wow! We are able to joyously boast, “I’ve achieved my goal, and I no longer need to restrict myself in this manner. I am thoroughly trained!”

We must learn to use our tools until the point at which we recognize their limitations.Then we are required to discard those tools and move on.

That’s not to say we will never use tools again. In order to climb to new peaks, we will always require new tools. But once one is worn out, let’s not allow our egos to stubbornly hold on to these limitations. Let’s relinquish these limitations. Let’s ride the bike without the training wheels for a while.

The Tools

Eventually, we will need to get a new bike. Our bodies will grow, and so we will need to get a larger bike. Eventually we may decide that the bike is not the best mode of transportation or form of exercise. Instead, we may decide that it’s better to roller blade. Our feet have an appetite for the ground.

So we strap on a new pair of roller blades. Depending upon our past experiences, we may not be equipped with the proper knowledge to successfully hit the ground rolling. We may need secondary tools, such as a teacher or a smooth surface.

So, we acquire a roller rink and a professional to guide us until we feel safe to ride the wall alone. We ride the wall and the smooth floor until we decide the wall is not the center, and we want to see what’s in the middle. Soon we realize that the center of the rink is just as boring as the rink by the wall. What does the street hold for us?

We acquire different tools throughout our life. Each tool arrives newly packaged. We move through a process of unwrapping, using and discarding, and then we enter a period without use for tools or manuals.


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