Chocolates are liked by every body, from small kids to the elderly people love POLKA DOT CHOCOLATE BARS. Chocolate has become a common wedding favor because of this. Another reason for the demand for chocolate is the health benefit it offers. For those, who are searching for a good choice for their wedding favor, chocolate varieties make excellent choices. The advantage of chocolate is that it is available in all shapes and size.

The chocolate variety covered by decorative foils can add style and class to the wedding. Shapes like stars, hearts, coins, cartoon characters are widely preferred. Chocolate candies and simple chocolate cakes are also used as wedding favors. With the imagination, the couples can select any type of chocolate favors, which they think is suitable for the occasion. Chocolates make a sweet occasion sweeter and perfect.

Chocolate truffles are a better idea for wedding favors. Presenting the chocolate truffles, in an attractive box with proper decoration will be a great way to thank your wedding guests. A satin ribbon can be used to tie a bow on the box. Chocolates in the shape of CDs are the new craze in wedding favors. It is possible to have edible pictures placed on top of these chocolate CDs. This gives more attractive appearance to the wedding favor and will be really appreciated by many. Dark chocolates are good for the heart and reduce blood pressure; this makes dark chocolate a healthy choice for the wedding favors.

Chocolate wedding favors are easily available. If you have imagination and skill you can design and make your own chocolate wedding favors. Chocolates with the initials of the bride and groom, special messages for the guest or the photo of the couples are welcoming designs for the guest. Personalized chocolate candy bar with a customized wrapper that has the bride and groom’s name, wedding date and venue printed on it has become a fashion among the wedding favors.

Many chocolate companies have facility to make embossed chocolate bar with the wedding theme message. This chocolate wedding favor is really special for the couple. Chocolates can be off milk, white chocolate or dark chocolate variety.which are molded and that will suit any idea of the bride and groom is also available. Any items which will suite the theme idea can be made into a chocolate.

Chocolate wedding favors Whether garden wedding or beach wedding, you can get chocolates to suite the venue and theme. Tiny chocolate wedding cake with monogrammed truffles and icing on top are another unique chocolate wedding favor. Chocolate cookies shaped like wedding cakes and pretzels dipped in delicious chocolate, enhance the sweetness of the wedding. Diverse selections are available in all the above mentioned items.


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