If you want to re-design a part of your home or have a custom house built then it goes without saying you want it to be done right and to the highest possible standard! This means you have to find the right Oxford architects in Miami for the job! It’s worth asking friends or family if they’ve hired architects before as a starting point. If not try other relatives or colleagues, even ask local estate agents. If there is a house that’s under construction or bring built in your local area ask the owner who the architect for the project is and if they would recommend them or not. You can also search online using keywords. Check through their websites and look for past work they have done.

After you have gathered a list (3-5) of architects you should go about interviewing them, this can be done over the phone or in person. You should have a conversation about what ideas you have for your home and how you expect your home to look. A good architect will bring his own ideas to the table and add suggestion that compliment your current ideas. Ask them to bring or send over their portfolio of past work; by looking at this you can see if their style is right for you. For example if you want a super-modern home you wouldn’t hire an architect who’s past work has only involved working on Victorian buildings! Ask the architects for references and then contact these people and find out what they have to say about the Oxford architect.

After you feel you have all the information you need, sit down and go about picking out the best Oxford architecture agent for you! You should then draw up a contract with them where you will agree on fees and more. Try to negotiate a flat fee for the entire project!

Drawing up a flat fee with the architects will mean that you will not encounter any hidden fees or unexpected costs when it comes to the end of the project. Agreeing hourly fees can result in disagreements as an architect could say they had to work overtime when you felt they didn’t need to.

During the project make sure the architect comes round to inspect the property to make sure the build is going as planned! This will ensure you are happy with the project as it will have stuck to the designs you and your architect drew up.


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