Grizzly galaxy blue sapphire plaza Greater Noida West is known as the entertainment district located in the hub of historic downtown Revelstoke. From musical and drama performances to festivals and a farmers’ market, Grizzly Plaza is constantly full of energy and excitement. Learn more about what you can do here and discover why it is a must-see Revelstoke attraction.

Free Live Entertainment/Summer Street Festival

Throughout the summer, Grizzly Plaza is best known for its live entertainment shows. Performances include magic acts, theatrical productions, dance recitals and musical routines from both local and national groups. This is the perfect spot to hit for a fun and relaxing evening with family and/or friends.

Farmers’ Market and Bazaar

There is no better place to experience small-town warmth and hospitality than at the Grizzly Plaza Farmers’ Market and Bazaar. Every Saturday morning, stalls of locally grown produce as well as a wide selection of arts and crafts from local artisans are put on display. The combination of heritage buildings, snowy alpine peaks and crowds of people also add to a lively market atmosphere. Shop, browse or simply relax and enjoy the surroundings! Children’s entertainment and performances also take place here.

Railway Days Festival

As the entertainment core of downtown Revelstoke, Grizzly Plaza also hosts a number of local festivals and fairs. One particular festival is Railway Days, a free event that brings together the entire community of Revelstoke in a 10-day celebration including model railway displays, magic lantern shows, music, special exhibitions at the community museums and more. This year, Railway Days will take place from Aug 15-23, 2009.


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