If you’re considering dyeing your eyebrow microblading Perth, then you will most likely benefit from reading this. Perhaps you have changed your hair color, prefer not to wear much makeup, or your eyebrows are barely noticeable. Whatever the reason, here are 6 tips to remember about eyebrow dye:

It is crucial to recognize that eyebrows aren’t usually noticed unless they stand out for some reason. Knowing this, your aim when choosing an eyebrow dye should be to use colors that truly suit both your hair color and tone of skin. You need your eyebrows to look natural and help frame your face, rather than standing out like an unsightly landmark.

So, if your hair is naturally blond, or if you’ve just colored your hair blond, it is actually recommended to apply an eyebrow tint that’s a little bit darker than the color of your hair. Matching your hair too closely can look a bit too monochromatic. Choose a dark blond eyebrow dye when your hair color is very light, or a light brown brow tint if your hair is slightly darker.

By contrast, it’s normally more ideal for brunettes and women with dark hair to go for a lighter color for their brows. Again, aim to stay within a couple of shades of your hair. Doing so means your brows will not come across too heavy or unnatural.

Above all else, stick to this rule: If in doubt, use an eyebrow tint that is lighter in color than you believe you need. And apply it sparingly to begin with. You can always add extra coatings to make your brows darker if you need to.

A colossal benefit to realize is that dyeing your eyebrows will probably save you mountains of time. Indeed, you may well discover you don’t need any eyebrow makeup any more (apart from maybe a gel to hold your hairs in position). Just imagine what you can do with the extra few minutes you’ll save every day.

Finally, remember that it may take a little experimentation to identify the perfect eyebrow dye color. Or you might need to apply the same shade a few more times to achieve the right level of richness. So if you have an important occasion marked in your calender, it’s worth giving yourself about a week in advance to get your brow color perfect.


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