The irritating and often painful side effects of the skin condition known as eczema causes those who suffer from the condition to seek many different treatments to lessen the itching and inflammation that are characteristic of this dermal affliction. The constant drying and flaking of the affected areas of skin leads to an incessant and irresistible urge to scratch the area, which only leads to further complications that can extend the duration of the condition. One of the most commonly-prescribed treatments for eczema is the use of cortisone-based ointments. These steroids online compounds have been found to be very effective in reducing the inflammation and pain that are associated with eczema, yet there can be some potentially serious side effects from using them.

The danger of eczema steroid creams is primarily to the integrity of the skin. Although the irritating and painful symptoms of eczema will be relieved by using these compounds, extensive use of them can lead to a deteriorative syndrome that can weaken the skin structure after a period of time. Skin that has been treated over a long period of time with steroid creams can become thin and fragile, essentially in an atrophied state. Although these creams can be found in varying strengths, as to their steroid content, prolonged use of any steroid cream can potentially cause skin integrity degradation. Some opinions suggest that the use of creams that have a high content of steroids – or prolonged use of any such type of cream – can eventually lead to certain immunosuppressive symptoms that will lead to bacterial infections if not supported with antibiotics. However, there is some disagreement among researchers as to the veracity of these claims, and further studies are being conducted.

Perhaps the best approach to using these types of steroid creams would be to seek the advice of a doctor or other qualified medical professional. To avoid the danger of eczema steroid creams if doubts exist, some choose to apply non-steroidal creams that contain organic elements found to be beneficial in treating general skin conditions, such as aloe vera and vitamin E. Keeping the skin sufficiently moisturized at all times will also be helpful in lessening the severity of eczema when it occurs, and may help to prevent the condition from developing in the first place.


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