Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise comes in a choice of packages to suit all types of requirements, whether you’re looking for a home solution, a professional solution or you’re a student and need a reliable and genuine software package to help you create spectacular presentations and take notes in class.

The most basic option is the starter option. This package includes Word and Excel. Word is a word processing package that allows you to type up letters and reports, printing them at your own convenience. You can also choose from a host of templates to help with the layout of your design.

Excel is a spreadsheet package, which is filled with great advantages from being able to manage your monthly budget to creating charts and graphs.

Microsoft Office 2010 cheap home and student option is one of the most popular choices. This one includes Word and Excel, but also has PowerPoint and OneNote. PowerPoint enables users to create presentations, while OneNote lets them take notes quickly and easily, making it an ideal solution for students to take notes in class with ease.

Then there is the home and business solution. This version ticks all the boxes and includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook. Outlook is a very useful tool which is an email programme. It also includes a handy calendar, enabling you to diarise all those important events with reminders, so you never forget appointments again.

The next Microsoft Office 2010 option is the standard version. This version includes all of the above including Outlook. It also includes Publisher. Publisher is a very useful tool especially in home offices and businesses throughout the world. This programme enables you to create business cards, leaflets and more with ease. There is an extensive range of templates for you to use and customize, or you can create your own.

Publisher does take some practice, but once you get used to it, it enables you to create spectacular designs within the shortest space of time with easy picture integration.

There is the professional and academic version, which is ideal for business and student use. This particular package offers you all the tools you need from Word and Excel to PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. Access is a database program, enabling you to keep a list of your suppliers or customers. From here you can sort them with ease and have all the information you need at your fingertips.

The final Microsoft Office 2010 option is the Pro Plus version. This is a complete range of tools which can help businesses with their computer productivity. It includes all the programmes listed above, but also includes three other programmes, which are designed to help you in a business environment.

One of these additional programmes is Infopath, which enables you to design, distribute and submit electronic forms.

There is also SharePoint, which is included in the Microsoft Office 2010 Pro Plus version. This is a library type programme, enabling team members to check in and check out documents from local computers, enabling you to keep track of who has done what.

The final benefit to this version of Microsoft Office 2010 is Communicator, which enables you to communicate online with ease, whether you’re communicating with a head office on the other side of the world or you are at home and communicating with your office in your absence. This includes instant messaging, desktop sharing, Voice over IP and video calling.


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