Astrology in one line means a medieval tool that helps people foresee the events those are to happen in the future life of an individual. According to Vedic astrology, every element that floats in the universe is connected to each other in some or the other way. But In Vedic personal astrology reading, we consider only 9 planets and their effect on various events in life.

An astrologer prepares the birth chart according to the date of birth and time. The houses in the birth chart represent essential aspects of life. In the birth chart, the placement of 9 planets in various houses keeps changing according to their transit and affects various aspects and events in life. Since it is the mirror of entire life it would give a tentative time period prediction about the events those are to take place.

On the other hand, a yearly prediction would specifically give you the detailed forecast of days and months regarding every aspect of life those would alter according to the movement of planets. To have a fair idea of what your life would be in future gives you more time to prepare and ponder over decisions you are likely to take in future. This would help you save yourself from future mishaps and plan your journey towards success systematically.

In this fast pace world, quick decisions is the need of the hour. This pushes people to take hasty decisions which might lead to some problem later. So having a fair idea of what your future life would make it a lot easier to grow in life.

There are some people in spite of giving their best eventually end up with failures and hardships. This in return makes them more disheartened and reduces their moral to bring changes in life. But if you consider astrology then it will guide you towards a better life and also educate you about the planetary influence that is changing the course of your life unknowingly in a good or a bad way. They would also provide a remedy for the imbalance of planets influence in life that might have been or can cause trouble in the upcoming time of the year.

With thehelp of astrology, one can rectify his or her own personality, behavior, nature and get to explore the unexplored side. This would give you the opportunity to excel in whatever you do and even explore other options those might turn out to be feasible and profitable.


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